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If I had an hour to solve a design problem, I would spend 55 minutes framing the right question.

My name is Zoe Chung and I am a Senior Product Designer at Zillow. Passionate about using design strategies and craftsmanship to deliver impactful digital experiences, I want to make our world a better place through design.



Product design and strategies to differentiate Yahoo’s new group messaging app apart from its competitors.


Love Letter
Passion project: Digitizing a popular card game and turning it into a multi-platform party game.

Funetix Design System / Volunteer

Rise Onboarding Flow / Design Exercise

BIP / Branding, Design Consultation

Chameleon / Sketch Plugin

Hobby Projects

Design to me is not only a job but an extension of who I am and how I give back to the world.

SIBI / Hackathon 2020


Verizon Media

Dynamic Product Ads Migration: design strategy to ensure advertisers’ success while transitioning from one platform to another.


Accessible Ad Background Generator

Leading the strategy and system design of a Native ad format auto-background generator.


Selected Projects

Designing for an enterprise product is similar to solving a big puzzle. As a designer, my job is to figure out where the pieces go and how they will fit together.

My favorite thing about design is the process of turning knowledge and insights into intuitive interfaces and experiences. 

I've helped startups revamped the experience of their top-grossing mobile game and establish a web presence to launch their business. I've also helped enterprise users succeed by automating their ad campaign workflow. Recently, I'm working with a talented team to make email shoppable!


About Me

About Me
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