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App Delivery in Oct, 2020

UI Design, UX research, curriculum, and app development are expected to be completed by Oct, 2020.

Design System Development

Develop a scalable and comprehensive design system/library to support the 2000+ screens curriculum. 

Art Direction Explorations

Explore potential art directions for the app to create an engaging and focused learning experience for the users.

Content Quality Control

Ensure all the course content is accurately represented and placed in the Funetix’ app’s mockups. 


Art direction

Explore the look and feel


One of my favorite Funetix art direction explorations

Funetix’s mission is to teach disadvantaged kids how to read. Through the exploration below, I wanted to create a friendly and relaxing learning environment that will not distract the users away from the main course content.

Focus, friendly, and engaging

UI and art

Bringing the spirit of Funetix to life


Instead of using the original illustrations created in-house, the team had decided to move forward with a series of free vector art to achieve a more scalable solution for the fast-paced development cycle.


The library continues to evolve and serve the team as designers, content managers, UX researchers continue to develop the remaining modules.

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