Design Consultation

BIP Branding and Art Direction


Art Direction

Establish an art direction that aligns with the founder's vision. The final design should evoke emotions such as professional, bold, and reliable.


Deliver branded elements including BIP's website, logo, wallet card design, and some of the app's key interaction and onboarding flows.

Art direction

Explore the look and feel

In order to communicate my visions of the product efficiently, I created three different mood boards representing three drastically different directions. The goal is to develop a common language between me and the founder so that we could have productive discussions on how we want the BIP brand to look and feel.

Professional, bold, and reliable


Logo, App, and Website

To create a cohesive design language for the BIP brand, various branded components were created to display BIP's vision, aspirations, and voice as a product.

Brand-related deliverables

BIP wallet card design explorations

BIP brand guideline

App logo explorations

The landing page is designed to recruit new users to sign up for BIP's mailing list for product-related updates and releases. 


BIP's mobile app allows users to perform key interactions such as crypto transactions and wallet configurations.

Landing page and mobile app

BIP landing page


With the newly implemented design language and deliverables, BIP is fully equipped to serve crypto traders worldwide.


Stay tuned!