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Definitions of Success

Uncompromised User Experience

Users will acknowledge the new visual treatment. The usability of the platform will not be impacted.

UDS in Code

Existing design components will be replaced. Engineers will have their own UDS in code.

A Comprehensive System

The system will continue to evolve and cover more use cases as UX issues are being addressed.

Easy Adaptation

Designers can easily adapt to the new system and start producing mocks with the UDS components.


Requirement 1

Make UDS as comprehensive as possible


DSP/ UDS Application

The first step in evaluating the comprehensiveness of UDS is to understand its current capacity by going through all its design documentation. Then, stress tests the system by applying it to the key screens that have the most components.

Understand its current capacity

To make UDS more comprehensive and cover as many use cases as possible, I established a feedback/revision workflow with the product design team and the engineers who will be implementing UDS. The workflow will help my team capture all the feedback for UDS, propose suggestions to improve the system, and track the implementation progress from an engineering perspective.

Establish a feedback/revision loop


One of the UDS component improvement proposals


UDS application feedback/revision loop

Requirement 3

Provide support for easy adaptation


To speed up the adaptation process of the product design team, I made myself accessible to fellow designers whenever they needed to review the UDS application of their design. By doing that, I was able to spot potential application errors and improvements for the UDS.

UDS application review


1 Quarte, 2 Platforms

It took the team three months to rebrand two of the company's biggest demand-side platforms from scratch.

50+ Screens, 500 + Components

Throughout the process, more than 50 mocks were produced and more than 500 components were replaced.

A Successful Launch

The newly branded design platform is now serving our global audiences while retaining the same usability. 

2 Platforms, 1 System

The two demand platforms are now sharing the same components, colors, typography etc. from the UDS.


Some illustrations I did for the implementation


Product screenshots with UDS implementation

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