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Together: Define product positioning & goals for Yahoo's group messaging app 
Image by Toa Heftiba
Yahoo Together is Yahoo’s experimental messaging app
targeting small groups that share mutual bonds or/and interests and have regular recurring events.
My roles on the team as a product designer include providing product strategies, ideating, design execution and writing user testing plans. 
The biggest challenges the product faced were to develop its own positioning and develop a set of unique value propositions in an already saturated messenger app landscape. 
Part of my attempt in an effort to figure out Together’s positioning includes mind mapping, user journey, persona and competitor analysis. Through these exercises, our team concluded that the keys for high retention are quality social bonds, recurring social activities, and helpful tools to coordinate these activities. From that point on, these items have become our focus and principles: Together is a messaging app that helps small groups establish quality relationships in real life through providing practical group event coordinating tools.
The competitor analysis helped us separate from our competitors. Our competitors have a heavier focus on refining digital communication whereas ours is on bridging the virtual and physical world through providing people the tools they need to nurture relationships in real life. 
Product team was able to focus on features specialized in improving the experience of event coordination. In the latest design prototypes, we explored ideas such as inline event creation, event invitations, smart reminders, and pinned items etc. 
​The video on the left demonstrates the unique presence bar at the top and the reminder feature that are aiming to improve event coordinating experiences.
reminder v2.gif
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