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Ship better apps faster with Buddybuild:
CI/CD solution for mobile developers
Image by Marvin Meyer
Buddybuild is a CI/CD solution for mobile developers that ties together the entire mobile development workflow. Buddybuild was acquired by Apple in early 2018.
I was hired as a UI/UX designer to design a lot of the company’s consumer-facing web content and marketing materials.
The design culture at buddybuild was highly collaborative. As a designer on the team, I worked closely with the CEO, engineering and marketing teams to reflect the product’s missions through its web presence. I also worked closely with other designers on the team to deliver a delightful experience to thousands of mobile app developers across the world.
Desktop HD Copy 5.jpg
My contributions include the design for Buddybuild’s pricing page, documentation, blog and community page. I also created a lot of illustrations, marketing assets and style guides for the brand.
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