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Branding and visual direction for BIP: a hardware wallet and app
Image by Jason Briscoe
 BIP is a hardware wallet for all your crypto currencies. It is as compact as a credit card but includes all the functionality of a hardware wallet. Easily connect BIP to your smartphone via bluetooth and manage all your crypto assets and transactions conveniently with the app.
I was the visual designer whose tasks were to establish the BIP brand's design language.
I was also giving UX and UI consultation to the founding members. 
Provide a branding solution that aligns with the founder’s visions for the product. The final proposal should evoke emotions such as trustworthy, futuristic, and ambitious.  
In order to create BIP’s identity, I collaborated with the stakeholders to understand BIP’s mission and vision through different exercises such as moodboarding, keywords generation, and interviews. Once a concrete direction has been identified, I moved on to exploring different visual styles by mocking up key product screens with the new branding. 
While collaborating closely with the co-founder and engineers, I was able to establish BIP's brand design language and system. They include color scheme, type scale, logo design, BIP app's UI system, the actual card design and website.
To increase the collection speed, a typical lead capture flow in Loop can be as quick as 3 steps. First, enter the prospect’s Twitter id (or email). Then, select follow up items. Last, save contact. To make it even faster to record follow up items, each item is represented by an icon. The user can select multiple items simply by tapping on the icons. 
Using the color palettes in the BIP style guide. The design of the BIP card uses a dark gray as its primary color to give the design an exclusive, professional, and powerful look and feel. Similar to most crypto-related services, darker colors are used to convey a secretive feel that represents the key idea of cryptocurrency - a product in a decentralized system that is absent from the control and surveillance of any centralized banking systems. 
BIP app's UI is a great demonstration of the BIP style guide being translated into a practical UI system that can solve complex interaction problems. 
On the left is a demonstration of the onboarding flow for connecting the BIP card to the user's smartphone. 
The goal of BIP's website is to target early adopters who are currently investing or transacting in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. The website is divided into three main sections: 
  • Product features introduction
  • Team introduction
  • Call to action to sign up for updates
The design language of BIP's website is consistent with BIP's style guide which uses black, white, and gray as the primary and red as an accent color. 
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